Our Story

Today Oasis sits on 9.5 acres on busy Avalon road; however we have only been here for a few years. From 2004 t0 2009 the congregation worshiped at the Oakland charter school. Prior to that the ministry was located on Hiawassee road in the Pine Hills area where it was started in 1960 by a few families who had migrated from the north. They desired to form a church so they began to gather and worship and then officially organized into a church.

While Oasis began as a mono cultural group mostly gathering northern transplants, it changed over the years into its present multicultural make up. Today Oasis serves many cultures and is inter generational. It is a place where families young and old can find a place along with youth, children and singles. There is a sense of caring and unity as well as the opportunity to experience very varied backgrounds.

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